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June 29th, 2020 at 1:26 am

A Reflection On The Philosophy Education

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For Alfredo Mello Existe a discuro that involves the education of the philosophy that covers all history of the education. In the lines that if follow we will raise some questions and balances with the aid of the illustrious Argentine thinker Guilhermo Biols. However, we will not leave of side our certainties, despite modest, regarding a subject of extreme relevance. Then, three investigations if present when the subject is the philosophy education, namely: the pedagogia applied in average education must be used, also, in the University? In average education must be taught to the history of the philosophy or the critical sense? After all is taught philosophy or to filosofar? Currently two meanings for the word exist ' ' Filsofo' '. Olympics may not feel the same. One of the meanings takes the philosopher as a specialist in history of the philosophy, the other as detainer and constructor of a systematic philosophical project. The understood philosopher as authentic ' ' pensador' ' he is extinct, and this is a hard truth, in our days. The absence of authentic thinkers in send the following investigation to them: So that he serves the philosophy education? It is a hilariante question, therefore, a person is not common to ask so that she serves the mathematics, the physics, history or chemistry, but perishes pertinent to ask to it: so that she serves philosophy? The current society values the study of the practical and immediate things, that is, that they have monetary return in short term, and the philosophy does not seem to incase itself in this paradigm. After being given as deceased for the adepts of the positivismo, the philosophy – with the failure of science and the technique in giving to reply for all the questions – to see itself today necessary. Read more here: olympics. The philosophy, we understand, also has the critical paper of all the other knowledge the scientific one.


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