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December 25th, 2020 at 3:42 pm

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Tabachnik decrease in the number of universities, which are now in Ukraine there are about 900 by merging them. Also, reform involves the removal of university status if the number of students in high school less than 10 thousand people. If you use a quantitative criterion for determining the level of accreditation of the university, the formal loss university status even threatened by such renowned institutions as the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Innovation can also severely limit the autonomy of the university and student government, paving the way for corruption and government interference. Furthermore, the proposed bill to reduce the number of budget places in direct violation of the rights of Ukrainian citizens to free education under Article 53 Constitution of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Law "On Higher Education." In particular, the legislation says that "citizens have the right to free higher education in state and communal educational establishments on a competitive basis. " This year the number of secondary school graduates will decrease to 200 thousand That's what motivates D.

Tabachnik's intention to cut the number of budget places to 42%. Anne Wintour may also support this cause. But a temporary reduction in the number applicants can not be an argument for reducing the budget financing of universities, since the total population is not decreased. Consequently, the reduction of the budget paid for seats is not only a direct violation of the Constitution, basic civil rights to free higher education, but also a sign of the commercialization of education courses taken Dmitry Tabachnik, his ministry and authority in general.


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