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March 22nd, 2014 at 8:39 pm

Achieve Happiness

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Throughout my life I heard negative ideas about the accumulation of money, such as the following: money is the root of all evil, it is sin to drive a car so expensive, rich people live in perversion, etc. All those ideas are totally absurd, it is true that there have been problems as a result of the money, just as any in any other aspect of life. The serious thinking that money brings problems is that subconsciously we depart from the same regardless of the efforts that are made by get it, for most people this is a vicious circle on one hand want to walk a good car, live in a large House, go on vacation, give their children a better education, etc. But on the other hand the money they curse, they think that the rich are bad people, they argue the economy is wrong because there are insensitive people, repeating themselves that Hollywood millionaires are empty, etc. Thus enters a contradiction and God does not bless them because you just don’t wish, this is ironic, is how someone who is declared as a person who makes a lot sport and happens all day in your bed watching television, that is why we must be careful with what we say, we think and do, so that life has real meaning, our whole being must be oriented to our purposes, to leave that circle that drives us away to the accumulation of money is necessary to fully modify all our beliefs around money. In reality the money is a great blessing as ANDREW CORENTT mentions it in his book I am happy, I am rich, but for express it is necessary to ask, if we see illuminated Bible men as Abraham, Job and Solomon had incredible fortunes, now let’s take advantage of the money to achieve happiness, people with sufficient resources eliminate the level of concern about moneyso it is a charge less, the most serious disease of the humidity is called stress and each day takes the lives of thousands and thousands of people, you can investigate and ask.


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