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December 31st, 2013 at 11:12 pm

Alfonso Salcedo

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That the freedom of expression will be affected if wins, yes. That the investments will see insane people, also. That there will be tension with Chile, in fact. That Chvez will send its Dawn and that they will make his block of the socialism of the 21st century, conforming an anti-American front, in addition that will practice the new sport to expel American diplomats, yes. Keiko, on the other hand, has a person of virtues and who always fought against the corruption: Rafael King, his vice-president, loved by many and not very wanted by a few.

It is a bastion and a security against the corruption. This is the letter of Keiko for this subject. On the other hand, she is the representative, the bastion, of the democracy against totalitarian temptations to change Constitution and to be perpetuated in the power, as Chvez, Strap and Morals are doing it, the mulos of Ollanta. A commercial type ” Pink Floyd” he did since it Alfonso Salcedo against Vargas Llosa in 1990 could notch the aspirations of Humala. I feel it, must preserve the Peruvian democracy, the economic continuity with more human face and more works. Also, to safeguard the equality without racism and divisions between the Peruvians, Keiko has indicated that as well as it drifted to the terrorism in the government of his father, she will defeat to the delinquency.

The winning candidates of the first return must be convinced that there is endo of no votes. That happened to history. That of 30% of Humala 15% of Toledo is not 45% more. The population does not vote like sheep. I reiterate that nobody must be able of endo. So ” I offer the premierato to you plus a pair of ministries and your people vote by m” , she does not work. They waste the time. PPK is more honest: ” Nor crazy vote by Humala”. The possible alliances will occur after the second return so that the winner or winner has parliamentary majority. In any case the supports must be on programmatic bases, not on small gifts and prebandage. The Peruvian town will see bad componendas.


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