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So how do you learn English? Just recently I found a solution to this very serious problem. When searching for solutions I've tried to find a way to teach English effectively, easily, quickly, convenient, affordable, with guaranteed results and that it was cheap. I relied on personal experience of teaching in schools and colleges for many years. I established a universal, interactive, The Internet virtual teacher who replaces private tutor and teaches English on the basis of a universal teaching method that activates all sorts of existing forms of human memory. To develop a computer Program Virtual English teacher VIPTEACHER, which means virtual, interactive, private tutor, and a universal method took several years of work. The results, I dare you to say, without any bragging, exceeded all my expectations. Group of participants in the experiment with at the beginning of a very low or zero, with rare exceptions, the level showed the highest results.

All, without exception, and only for 3 months. We are not talking about yet another computer training programs in English, which for thousands of the Internet and stores. It is quite another. You get your own virtual teacher in a virtual classroom site. 1. Virtual teacher teaches you to first to the last lesson, being next to you. 2. You do not need to do any homework.

3. You set the speed of learning. 4. You set the time and duration of the lesson. 5. You move from topic to topic just after the virtual teacher will test you. 6. Each test is checked to them for 1 second. 7. After each test, you will receive an assessment identifying and explaining the errors if they have committed. 8. Almost all of speech, and thousands of them, and the text sounded to American or British accent. 9. Virtual Teacher willing to start a lesson at any time 'waiting' for you there 24 hours a day – he never gets sick. 10. Explanation of all those grammar is in Russian. 11. In case of failure in delivery of any test, you get another or others. 12. You do not need to go anywhere to start the lesson with your teacher. To start a lesson, just turn your computer and log in virtual classroom. 13. "Virtual Teacher" includes all types of human perception and memory (auditory, visual, and others.) Running and using them simultaneously, which increases the chances of your success, making them hundred per cent. Your VIPTEACHER teach you English, which automatically enables you to pass on the good all the exams on the subject. You'll never need to look for private tutor for yourself and your children – their time has passed!

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