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November 15th, 2016 at 5:11 pm

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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You go to the gym? Or just going? In fact, for our conversation, it does not matter! To begin, put yourself one question: "Why did I go to the gym?". And as long as long as you do not answer it, do not appear in gym! That can not cope with this task? Well I'll help you. Choose from the following: 1) To communicate with friends. 2) It gives the opportunity to watch the girls and get acquainted. 3) To create the image myself an athlete. 4) I want a little "round up" the extra pounds.

5) I want to buy at least the body of "beach boy." 6) I want to achieve world records in powerlifting. Gymnast shines more light on the discussion. 7) I want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think this list is sufficient, that would find it their fate in the training world. If you find yourself in the first three paragraphs, I can hardly help to you than that, as long as you do not change their attitude to the sport. If you see yourself in 4-7 point, I'm happy to talk with you about the importance of training program and try to make it an integral part of your sporting life. So we found out that you are going to change their lives for the better through bodybuilding or powerlifting.

So you need a plan! Yes, yes, yes it is a plan lessons without it you simply makes no sense to meddle in the gym. It's like a plan for life: You first get education, find work, get married. And you do so, and nothing else. It is not reasonable (though there are exceptions, often sad). And in bodybuilding and powerlifting, to work according to the task. Read books on bodybuilding and powerlifting, ask advice from friends of athletes, and would be just wonderful if someone from them will help make you the first training program.

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