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September 25th, 2019 at 7:03 am

Austerity And Benefits

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In times of economic stringency, new ways to continue our lives and be happy can be discovered. However, remember there is a difference between needs, wants and desires. a basic needs are those expenses that are necessary for survival, such as shelter, food, clothing and transportation a desires are expenses that were incurred based on the quality of the goods we need (branded goods or fashion) a desires are desires and dreams we have and can achieve only when there is a surplus in our finances (travel, cruise) Some of the benefits of time that is necessary to exercise austerity are, or should be: 1. 2 family togetherness. Savings 3.

share with friends 4. depth analysis (to make more thought) 5. stimulates creativity 6. promotes attendance at churches (many turn to God in difficult times to ask for more wisdom and strength) austerity-SOME TIPS: 1. a. Entertainment in press, radio, tv and internet free events are promoted for the family b.

picnicking at beaches and parks c. home theater with friends and family d. churches and organizations often provide activities free of charge for the benefit of the community e. interest in a hobby f. learn a sport 2. Credit: Walmart CEO-2011. wash the car a. is a great family project or for couples b. do you clean the interior and exterior washing pay c. bring your car to wash a car providing schools, churches and other community organizations (usually they are economical) d. limit the frequency of washing (metallic gray car resists the accumulation of dirt much more compared to a black or white) 3. Lunch a. consider drawing up their lunch at home and bring it to his office, can be healthier and economic b. make lunch a en home between office staff, stakeholders to participate in putting together the ingredients or menu 4. a. clothing do not need an entire wardrobe CERN a , acquires a piece of fashion that you can use in various ways or combinations. buy the clothes you need, preferably pieces in solid colors to provide multiple combinations c. takes advantage of special offers from stores with quality merchandise (clothing of good quality over the use and resist washing) 5. a. Personal Care spa among friends: a blowera , manicure, pedicure, facial mask, body treatments (funny and share) 6. Volume purchase of items and discount offers a. for large families can be beneficial to shop by volume (many supermarkets and shops have inventory to fulfill this purpose) b. consider joining groups who market personal care products, health and other a “which can be purchased at cost or at a discount and are likely to receive them at home no matter the circumstances, we are happy, and I invite you to be creative and also to acuentes your blessings! You may find that you more than you think, and you do not need much, just being a wise administrator.


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