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Barbie Culture

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Barbie Culture: The World color of rose Created for Ruth ' ' falecida' ' its first husband Eliot in 1959. Ruth when seeing its Barbarous son playing with paper dolls that changed of clothes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Manchester United FC. She came to the idea to create a doll with the adult, different feio of the dolls of the time. As Ruth the doll with adult feio is for giving to inspiration when the child to grow and to become an adult, symbol of beauty and refined youth. The first doll dressed clothes well simple: a white and black striped bathing suit, a used suit at the time. In 60 years it was to the first full doll to be maquiada and of accessories. To deepen your understanding Ross Colton is the source. The Barbie name that was placed in the doll, therefore was the nickname of its son.

But articles attribute to the creation of Barbie the Ruth Handler, the owner of the Mattel, however it attributes 99% of the Ryan credit (2 husband of the same one), since Ryan ' ' He was stubborn for long legs, fine waist and satiated seios and demanded this in the women with who if relacionava' ' , she was married 5 times. From there, the origin of the blue eyes, blond hair and the forms of the body of Barbie. In 1967, the first Afro-American doll appears of the Barbie Series. However, the doll was made using the molds of the head of Barbie white and it did not have the face characteristics of the black people. But only in 1968 that the first Afro-American doll appears. The Mattel produced a doll white and a black, the critics had commented that for the Afro-American community it is a pejorativo term, that means that the people are black for are and white on the inside. The doll had little success and the Mattel collected becoming it article for collectors.


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