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June 5th, 2020 at 7:02 pm

Bariatric Cure

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I am 45 years old he was hypertensive and diabetic, after much consideration I decided to operate me Deby GASTRIC PASS 4 years; at that time weighed 158 Kg., after completing a series of consultations where I sent my surgeon, finally then the preparation I had a By gastric pass by laparoscopy, after 2 days in hospital I was given high, and there he started to change my life, to the month operated because he had lost 12 Kg. lost weight very fast during the first six months reaching my ideal weight that were 85 Kg, (according to my doctor) 17 months operated, from the moment of surgery began to notice changes, me cure hypertension and my blood sugar values are normalized; i.e. I cure diabetes, my life partner instead, I started to feel good with me and as consequence, with my environment, therefore began to come out more often, visiting pubs and restaurants, gradually stop frequenting my Nutrologo and visit rarely to my surgeon. Given that ate and no increased weight, until he ate sweets and alcoholic beverages often. Thus I lived during these 4 years, today I am concerned, I have noticed increased 10 kilograms of weight in the last 6 months, now what? This is one of many questions that we receive in our consultation, and more often, we have found many patients that have undoubtedly taken weight loss important as a result of the effects of GASTRIC bypass surgery, and even cure of diabetes as the patient from whom we refer in this article, but many of them did not attend more surgery consultations. Bariatric Surgery is definitely a cure for morbid obesity and diabetes, but not is a vaccine against the obesity, is a cure that requires to be served and handled in a serious, responsible manner and with the multidisciplinary team trained in this very delicate management of the patient’s obesity, the post-operative patient management requires the protagonism of the Nutrologo and in important cases of the psychiatrist, and the Bariatric surgeon. The Nutrologo will gradually guide the patient to acquire these new eating habits, as also the administration of supplements of vitamins and minerals that will require. The psychiatrist or psychologist will help you tackle these changes.

. And no doubt the Bariatric surgeon will be the guardian of all these changes that the patient will suffer. In our case we ask patient after his speech to attend to the control query, month, 3 months, 6 months and a year and then annually, we have observed that the best bariatric surgery results are obtained when patients are constants and responsible to comply with the indications that the Bariatric team gives. It is important when you go to a consultation of obesity surgery evaluated that it is sent in preoperative shape to this multidisciplinary group that includes specialists before referred to, not only by the exposed here, but because each of them evaluate to pre-operating risks which may pose.

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