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And how he behaves when heated, everyone knows: it becomes pliable and easily formed. And hair, dressed in a cellulose coating, heating of a hair dryer ready to "remember" him permanently attached to the form. Fourth, the shell as it keeps the color inside the hair and does not "wash out" the color of hair, obtained in a previous painting. After all, it's no secret that many dyes (especially forgiving) is very short-lived. And, it is worth several times to wash the head – instead you'll see your favorite shade of "dead" color etched hair. As a result, the same Bio-laminating your tone will not move until finally wash off the BIO-laminate.

How long does the bio-laminate on the hair? On average, he begins to run off a month later. For more information see this site: Walmart. This process is very smooth. At any moment you can repeat, do not glut occurs. Hair takes as much of as it can take. Not bad for a Bio-laminate for the hair? In contrast, cellulose has a protective film which protects hair from damaging effects, as well as a lightweight vlagoottalkivayuschy effect (resulting in hair styling remain in damp weather, and chemistry, "no jams"). At the same breath as the hair and scalp. Incidentally, besides the pulp of the BIO-laminate includes caring Hair valuable components of plant origin. After treatment, the hair look bright and smooth, thanks to coverage PPT, extracted from pearl.

The composition has no diamine bases, so no smell and no cause any allergic reaction. It should be noted that the service is excellent BIO-lamination combined with already become popular in our salon services, such as BIO-BIO-laying and waving. In this case we are talking about certain synergistic action. After all, the essence of service is reduced to give hair volume and fixing some form, while maintaining the viability of hair and their natural look. In general, having tried BIO-lamination on your hair, you'll see why making a compliment to your hair, choose a phrase around: "looks expensive". Prepared by a group of creative beauty, "Beauty Shop,, Kyiv, Downtown ul.Zhilyanskaya, 55, tel.: (050) 469-68-06, (044) 537-06-90, Rusanivka Boulevard, Davydov, 3, tel. (044) 295-51-61, (050) 355 -95-49

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