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Extra services company – obligation or freestyle? Berufsstart.de interviewed managers of German companies on the topic of benefits. Frank Ntilikina: the source for more info. Usually benefits are not obvious at first glance, but many workers face every day. So what’s with the benefits to which are so complex and different? The majority of the companies surveyed provides its employees of benefits. In most companies, these additional services are part of the external communication and communicated in the recruiting process. The Extras”for workers come from different categories. This underlines the many ways that a company has, in addition to motivate his employees about benefits.

Benefits come from different categories 85% of surveyed human resources managers indicated that their company offers extra benefits their workers. Most commonly, additional services in the areas are offered training, sports & fitness and the food in the workplace. Companies thereby showing that they have recognized the needs of their employees. Already in the study of attractive employers 2013 “by Berufsstart.de, it became clear that it is for potential executives of central importance, that offers an attractive employer training opportunities. Offers for an improved work-life-balance and can establish the right balance to the everyday worry sports & fitness. External communication and employer branding, more than half of the companies surveyed offer equally the benefits all employees. In 60% of the company, benefits are part of the external corporate communications. Nearly two-thirds of the companies in the recruiting process, communicate benefits and use them for employer branding. The complete benefits survey company 2013 “there on starting salary/benefits / or can be requested via.


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