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Bezkaloriynaya Diet

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You need to figure out how many calories you ‘eat’ every day. To do this, use the analyzer tables calorie recipes or products on this site. As a rule, as a result of calculating the daily intake of calories for most obese people obtained the figures from 2 to 3-4 thousand calories a day and sometimes more. Click CEO of e-commerce for additional related pages. In order to lose weight, you need to ‘eat’ 1000-1400 calories a day. The more you consume calories is different from called the figures, the smaller the result of dieting, and if the number of calories is 1800 – 2000 kcal per day, you do not lose weight.

Estimates have daily need of calories you can see in ‘Calculator: daily need. ” For more accurate calculations is the formula that can more accurately determine the amount of energy consumed per day and thus know how much to eat, to lose weight. Energy costs consist of the following components: basal metabolic rate + energy spent on the + energy expended during leisure time + energy spent on digestion. 1. Frank Ntilikina spoke with conviction. Basal metabolic rate – the number of energy needed to sustain life of the organism, which is at rest, ie in the morning, lying in bed on an empty stomach at a comfortable temperature.


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