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April 19th, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Biisk Boiler Plant

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China avtoekspansiya – a matter of time? China's economic miracle – has long been old news. But, nevertheless, the next height, agile fellow Mao conquered, it is somehow a surprise to rest of the world. With no less surprised than sports commentators at the last Olympics in Beijing reported that Chinese victories of athletes, many commentators have found the car market that soon they will learn hieroglyphic writing system – so often they have to face in the production plants of China. It seems that the descendants of Confucius are not amicably adjusted in relation to its competitors – it is time to seriously talk about Chinese avtoekspansii? Passenger transport production capacity China has long been firmly occupied by automobile manufacturers from America, Japan and Europe – in China are going to Nissan, Volvo, Honda, Skoda, Ford and others well-known brands. But at the international level to develop the brand come from China has about 20 years ago would have seemed extraordinary folly.

However, the characteristic of the nation quiet perseverance overcomes all: for example, in 2007 , the best (almost phenomenal!) sales growth showed China's Chery – with a score of 245% compared to the previous one. At 2008 bar was set a more modest – 26% do not doubt that it will subdued. Encouraged by this success, the Chinese immediately discovered the production model Tiggo in Novosibirsk, and from the assembly plants on the basis of Biisk Boiler Plant leave with brand-new pickups Admiral'y FAW label on the hood.

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