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Bio-vital GelenkIntens

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to promote and maintain healthy stressed joints Bad Heilbrunn, 25.11.2009 – in Germany, nearly 20 million people on complaints on the joints complain. Knees, spine and hips, but also finger and foot joints are most commonly affected. These can worsen especially with changes in weather and cold weather. Usually the complaints in the formation are favoured by wear at the age or due to over or inappropriate loads at the sport, unilateral forms of movement but also by overweight and can worsen with time. Joints and attacked articular cartilage can be kept healthy.

Because a healthy joint cartilage is the best prerequisite for obtaining the agility, the daily activities and quality of life. Bio vital GelenkIntens contains in highly concentrated form the most important joint active vital ingredients: collagen, Chondroitin sulphate, hydrochloride and joint vitamin E. The joint active nutrients are body’s building blocks of a healthy joint cartilage, required. Collagen: can stimulate cartilage and serves as the scaffolding of the cartilage matrix. Collagen is part of the collagen occurring naturally in cartilage. Hydrochloride: as a natural component of articular cartilage it supports the nutrition of the joint and ensures flexibility.

Chondroitin sulfate: Determines structure and functional properties of cartilage. Vitamin E: as a free radical scavenger ensures healthy cells. The liquid formulation allows a high concentration of ingredients. Through the liquid form, the nutrients can be absorbed well by the body and go directly to the site, so the joints. It is recommended that once a day a drinking ampoule bio vital GelenkIntens to lead to. As intensive treatment a dose is recommended over four weeks, ideally two-three times per year. Bio vital GelenkIntens is also suitable for long-term use. The product is available in well stocked Pharmacy and consumer markets. A pack of biovitalo GelenkIntens contains 14 vials. Health tips for the joints: moderate exercise to healthy joints or joint problems to combat. But in bulk! As soon as symptoms occur, training better Cancel. Sports with flowing movement are most appropriate: Nordic Equitation or swimming. Important antioxidants, which protect the joints from the attack of free radicals provide vitamins and minerals-rich diet. Better infection inducing fish instead of pork to a stress mediators, which could be triggered by consumption of pork, to minimize. Comfortable shoes can ever help to relieve the symptoms. High-heeled pumps can strain to the joints in unnecessary places and bring the joints in lopsided.

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