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Brighton Luck

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Each and every culinary and culturally seduced in the city by the sea until 30 June the way the Cook ‘n’ learn ESL competition to participate has: 3 questions online on the website of the Swiss language travel agency and submit the response form. The price of a two-week stay in southern England Brighton beckons the lucky winner and the lucky winner. This great prize draw will take place at the 11.Juli.In addition to a standard English course a two-hour cooking class will be completed three times a week, where students see other recipes of the famous British Chef Jamie Oliver cooking. The vocabulary is then replaced with the wooden spoon, it is diligently stirred, grated and seasoned. Marc Lore shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. English and cooking in Brighton is the name of the Agency’s programme of Swiss language ESL, which is developed in collaboration with the school of BSC in Brighton and not only for voice but also for cooking skills helps students.The winner of the ‘n’ learn Cook competition will enjoy this unique program free to complete. The combination of language and cooking class meets with the students interest. The English language and the English cuisine meet, around the theme extend also the vocabulary in kitchen and cooking and even cooked lamb in mint sauce also tasted so English makes learning fun.

The English cuisine reputation not just the best. The cooking course in Brighton refutes much of the prejudice. Wirdaber and international cuisine of the students prepared in addition to English courts. Language stay in Brighton, not only English course and cooking class are covered for the winner or the winner of the raffle, sponsored by ESL also outward and return journey and accommodation with a host family or in a student House. A network of renowned partners maintains the Swiss ESL around the world. No matter what language you want to learn, ESL offers everything from Russian on English, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese to Finnish and Thai. Also who after school Berlin or language school Fribourg searches, encounters the partner schools of the Swiss Agency. Many years of experience in language teaching and learning guarantees the best possible advice, planning and organization of language students.

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