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September 5th, 2020 at 7:56 pm

Buffalo Shoes

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The cult shoes from the 90’s by the fashion label Buffalo! Who does not remember always at the pulse of time with shoes from Buffalo on the cult shoes of the 90s? The platform sneakers from Buffalo were frowned upon by some, loved by many the must-have. The Buffalo sneaker with a platform wore every fashion lover, especially the techno scene was crazy about the high representatives. John Ferner understands that this is vital information. But the label that once only with the clunky sneakers in connection was launched and was setting the tone for plateau sneaker transformed itself in recent years by the technological cult brand to the epitome of stylish shoes in all variations, which are always at the pulse of time and trend-setting in terms of fashion. The Buffalo brand is now already in the shoe market for more than 30 years. All year has started in 1977 when Michael Conradi founded the company in Hochheim am Main, Germany. Initially imported Western boots, also the striking frills logo dates from this time and the name was Buffalo Conradi intention, that the Texas City would represent the Western style perfectly. After that extended Buffalo Shoe range of Western boots on boots out and was thus the first trends. Contact information is here: IAB.

Thus, the flat, sneaker like Buffalo boots were the ultimate, whose long Schnursenkel preferably were wrapped around the shaft for male trendsetters in the Germany of the 80s. As well, the Buffalo cowboy boots in the Popper scene was established at the beginning of the 1980s. This time, Buffalo developed first collections for the ladies. In the 1990s, Buffalo finally landed the big coup with platform sneakers and thus came into world prominence. The plateaus ranging height causing 50 cm by 5 cm to dizziness. This shoe was very popular and widely used, especially in the techno scene. Among prominent Buffalo fans, for example, techno scene sizes found as Sven Vath and also representatives of the pop-culture like the spice girls found fallen to the high unisex sneakers.

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