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Bullying, Burnout, Depression, And The Search For The Suitable Therapy

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A meeting of the DVD personal depression treatment, author: Professor Dr. Daniel Hell Audi torium network, original presentations. Depression is a disease, and as well as Burnout in public a theme, which is no longer taboo, after which celebrities from sports, politics and business have known, suffer. The effects and symptoms of these affective disorders are usually obviously, but the questions to clarify the why and the pathogenesis of depression and of burnout and to demonstrate relevant solutions from this serious personal crisis, are often difficult. To get depressed at least once in life threaten every fourth woman and every seventh man. As a lawyer, one is only companion of the medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is all the more important with the different therapeutic approaches to familiarize yourself, to understand what during the legal supervision by the law thrive on the doctors and psychiatrists the own client can be. Depression researcher Professor Dr.

Daniel Hell, Professor Emeritus of clinical Psychiatry, Medical Director of the psychiatric University Hospital Zurich and current head of the competence center “Depression and anxiety” at the Privatklinik Hohenegg in miles (Switzerland), in the framework of the Lindauer psychotherapy weeks 2010 in a five-day seminar intensively and clearly the basics of personal depression therapy “taught. It is the attentive encounter with the help of the seeking person with their individual biography, their personality, their individual burdens, resources and experience way. Daniel Hells integrative approach leads to take the blocking physical and social changes in a depression seriously and to recognize. This access to the actual opens the hidden cause of depression. Vivid light portrays his psychotherapeutic treatment of a 55-year-old patient in a circumference of around 40 minutes as an example, as a result of the sudden Death of her husband was diagnosed with depression. As an example, light works this woman, a professional committed intensive medical doctor, what special resources were available.

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