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Campari Vermouth

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Recipe of spices added to the wine is kept strictly confidential. It is known that among the ingredients – mint, yarrow, elderberry, nutmeg, oregano, drevyasil, St. John’s wort and camomile. All this adds vermouth bitterness and sweetness at the same time. Alcohol is mixed with herbs in certain proportions, and then strongly heated and cooled.

After that drink is aged between three months and a half years, filtered, and is available for sale. Depending on the strength and flavor, sagebrush wine can be of several types. 1) Dry Vermouth with a sugar content not exceeding 4%. Have strength of about 16%, while the palate dominated by bitterness. In Russia, this species is not very popular because of its specific taste. Fans prefer it not to be confused and do not dilute. To know more about this subject visit ecommerce. 2) Vermouth Rosso, the red drink with added caramel and sugar content of 15%.

This is the most popular type on the basis of white wine. 3) Vermouth pink, in which sugar is in the range of 10-15%. 4) bitter vermouth, or beater. This drink does not contain sugar, but it is dominated by sagebrush and Peruvian bark. It is considered a great digestive, it helps digestion and is used after a meal. 5) Vermouth , or white. Contain the same number of sugar, as red, but the taste is much softer and gentler. Has a golden hue. To choose a good vermouth, you need to know about the most famous brands of the drink. Vermouth is a classic Barbero – a drink from Turin, it Production was founded in 1831. Mystery recipe has traditionally been kept secret and handed down from father to son. In this sagebrush wine contains more than 40 different herbs and spices, which give an amazing taste. Another vermouth, which has glories, it’s Cinzano. Initially, it produced a family of Turin, but now the brand has bought a group of Campari. Cinzano has been known since 1757 and produces white, red and dry vermouth. But the most widespread and recognized in Russia – a Martini vermouth, named after the Martini & Rossi factory in Turin. The founders have invented my own recipe based wines from selected white grapes. Its taste is full of thirty species of grasses, bark, fruits, seeds and flowers. The drink has won over 40 medals, more than 200 million bottles sold every year for several centuries. Any type and brand vermouth can be drunk chilled in a pure form (an aperitif), or in cocktails (at ). You should not consume this drink directly from the food, otherwise you will not feel the fragrance.


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