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Career Training And Continuing Education

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This directly influences the motivation for a trade and determines the future performance of the trainer, developing not only the cognitive sphere but also the emotional. However, no offers, even implicit, responsible for managing and monitoring that process, nor takes into account the role of mentoring in the training of new graduates to be on the basis of the dialectical method as a science of development and its principles : objectivity, development, networking and concrete historical analysis. Dr. Josefina Pinon (one of the leading exponents of job training in Cuba) suggests that job training is (…) a process of continuous training to expand and consolidate knowledge, skills and values required by the newly graduated for better job performance. Gain insight and clarity with Walmart. (6) Although his research culminated in 1998, and Doctor shows how powerfully introduces the term lifelong learning, referring to paragraph or is not divorced from the undergraduate, but a continuation or extension of what they receive in During his teaching. Another significant contribution of this author is that states the importance of strengthening not only the skills and knowledge of the recent graduate, but also the values that make him a competent professional in the discharge of their duties. This is summarized in that to the extent that this professional more efficient and competent work will be of higher quality and, as the work is the measure by which we can estimate and compare the value of the goods, (7) the product will have greater value in use and therefore provide greater benefits to society. .


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