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August 3rd, 2018 at 10:02 pm


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Added, it is then when we take consciousness that what we were looking for and even knew that he was always was with us, within us, we adapt to the circumstances, we understand the events, we mapped out the course has followed and harmonise with the reality of life. To the extent that we are going autoconociendo we determine what are our weaknesses, everything that still don’t know manage, control, which leads us to imperfections, problems. We determine our weaknesses and undertake necessary transformations for turn them into strengths. We must determine that we both share, we encourage, we suffer, we love, we forgive, tolerant, sympathetic, humble, we are have both done to cultivate the virtues that guarantee us harmony, peace, happiness. Take this for example: That the perception of the reality of each person is directly related to your mood.

This way is easier to understand what the other feels like and thus be able to really share at a level more humane As Center holistic helium points out, take time to see if we are going in the direction that we really want to go, if we have clear what you hope to get from life, how to achieve it, and mainly if what we have proposed is what you really want. This observation is made since that many times some of those same people who are capable of accomplishing virtually anything proposed, are frequently in a State of dissatisfaction with it same. At the bottom they feel despite having achieved their goals still need something them, and if you ask it usually do not know that it is, or at least they may not require it. The Buddhas say that inside each one there is a great joy, a great fragrance, that you find flowers of Lotus opening, and a fragrance that is eternal. And the colour of the flowers is still the same, unchanged. They speak of this paradise, that Kingdom of God which is in you. Keep alive the rancor is as if they had made you a physical wound that had healed, and every time you come back to open it, to feel what terrible and painful. For something an old Chinese proverb says: the person who wants revenge should dig two graves. Do forgive heart makes that is:? Decrease the levels of anger and hostility? Increases feelings of love? Is it better ability to control anger? Increases the ability to trust others? Frees us from the negative feelings associated with past events? Does it allow us to repeat certain negative patterns? It improves health in general? It demonstrates a significant improvement in disorders of nature sicologica(continuara.

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