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July 23rd, 2020 at 12:26 am

Chief Motivation

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It seems that had overlooked a small detail work with people who demand respect and consideration!: Juan Luis Urcola, in his book motivation begins by oneself raises four essential factors which are the cause of demotivation: 1. the person, refers to those who have born with a great predisposition to demotivation, those who walk with the grey cloud all parts and just enough to see them to realize counts. In this case there is very little to do. 2. The work being done, when the nature of the work contributes to motivation or lack of motivation. Do something that you love something out of obligation, is not the same and worse if you don’t have much to choose.

Here combine the lack of attractiveness, rutin, excessive pressure, lack of goals, among other aspects. In these cases, you can have the best predisposition to achieve goals, however the wear caused by any of these factors, ends, on occasions, by submitting you, lighting candles so that the days and the hours pass quickly. 3. The Chief, which is attributed the major cause of the lack of motivation of the personnel. Therefore it is said persons to renounce to his boss and not the company, due to little pleasant experiences with him.

Having an authoritarian boss who always looking guilty and does not recognize the merits, one who is capable of stepping on the to find its way to access to the medal leads to feelings of failure and mistrust and can become headache while they remain in the organization. 4. The company, when it coexists in hostile environments, where people walk with back attached to the wall to prevent poisoned darts, where more repressive policies, without the right to claim. These factors, which may be familiar to some readers, have become, unfortunately, a constant in the business daily. The changes in the world, have led us to identify a new worker profile. The needs and expectations that people had 20 years ago, seem to be very little that today. Some of the changes that have occurred and have impacted on the current profile of the worker are: physical work has been passed to the intellectual. A work where only the Chief thought to a scenario where both must think and act. The boss has gone from a role of foreman to another facilitator, the change manager. A pyramidal structure to another organization horizontal and flexible. An individual workspace where the worker only limited to do what the boss he ordered to another where is integrated as part of a team that does not depend on a leader, but interdependence. The next time the alarm goes off, remember that the motivation starts at yourself until the next!


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