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June 4th, 2020 at 12:17 pm

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Local organizations are hungry for talent. Only your imagination will limit what you can accomplish. While you are volunteering your skills, you will also be gaining exposure in the community, and you are likely to make a few contacts that can help you with your search. Those contacts will make valuable additions to your network. Think you don t have a network? Think again! Start with any people you know. Here are a few places to start: Organizations to which you belong Church PTA Sports leagues Voluntary associations Make a list of everybody you know. Ask those people whether they know anyone who has re-entered the workforce after a long absence.

Talking to people who have done what you want to do will increase your confidence that you can do the same. Now you re moving! Next, you need to start thinking about where you would like to work. Mass mailing your resume is a waste of time and postage. What you need is exposure to the companies that can make the best use of your skills. Identify five of them and research them thoroughly. Decides where you could provide the most value in each company, and identify the decision maker who has the authority to hire you.

Focus on the needs of each company; identify the relevant decision maker; and you position yourself ahead of those who limit themselves to the want ads and the Internet. You may even have an opportunity to create a position around your skills! When you reach a decision maker before an ad is published, you have obtained exposure that most will miss. Another method of increasing exposure is to search for spot opportunities. Follow the industry news, check company websites, and learn about new initiatives or changes that could affect the business climate. Armed with this knowledge you will appear well-informed to your potential employers. Informational interviews are another way of targeting areas where your skills might fit! Try approaching someone who is working in a job you think you would like, and ask them how they got their position, and if they could give you some advice on your job search. People will be amazingly helpful, especially when they can’t identify with you and your situation. When you have reached this point, your confidence will be increasing daily. By using multiple methods to approach the market, you are being exposed to opportunities that others can only wish for. You are making new contacts, learning more about the needs of companies, and identifying the individuals that have the power to hire you. You are ready to use your knowledge of the company’s needs and your inventory of skills, abilities, and accomplishments to demonstrate your value to the organization in an interview. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider hiring a professional to guide you in your search. But Remember, you are not the first to be in this position. Others have successfully re-entered the job market after an extended absence, and you can too. Using multiple simultaneous methods to cover the entire market, and reaching decision-makers before an ad is published can be the key to your success no matter how long you have been out of work.


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