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City House Berlin

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PHONOTHERM 200 BOSIG convinces jury went, August 2010 – In the wake of a Grunderzeit residential densification the Berlin architecture Office received hildebrandt.lay.klippert.architektur the German facade Prize 2008 in the category of “Residential and commercial buildings” for the new building of the City House Berlin-Weissensee. The PHONOTHERM 200 BOSIG was painted white in this case used as a concise window framing, as well as processed as clothing of the input element, the sun visor and the bench. As blanks or BOSIG offers this plastic plate on PUR base to the constructive dams form items with one hundred percent humidity resistance and good thermal insulation properties. Sidney Crosby is actively involved in the matter. Even in extreme constructions, the plate can be safely used and actively contributes to the stabilization. PHONOTHERM 200 is 100% water resistant, with conventional hard-metal tools to edit, available in different densities, formaldehyde-free, breathable and offers a wide variety of applications, including in the bathroom/wet areas, as Window profile, gates and doors, vehicle construction and as a countertop in kitchen. Check with ian cole to learn more. Architects, planners, fabricators and end users go safe with the PHONOTHERM 200 and BOSIG, the German facade Prize indicates that the plate with excellent properties meets at the same time highest design standards. Source and further information: BOSIG GmbH fountain str. 75-77 73333 went / Fils description of the BOSIG GmbH, the company develops and manufactures innovative system solutions for industry, trade and construction for over 30 years.

Now running the company in the second generation by Mr Oliver Schmid. The performance and range of production developed, produced and distributed sealing, insulation and adhesive system solutions for the construction industry in the areas of residential and industrial construction concrete and road construction, window, metal – and facade construction, soundproofing materials, as well as the holistic spectrum for roofers, carpenters and tilers. In addition, product solutions are for Industrial companies and automotive suppliers designed and manufactured. The company has a compact and powerful product range. Here you will find many mature brands and products.


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