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January 12th, 2016 at 11:57 pm

Climbing Holds

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are an essential part of good climbing wall. They give the right support and depending on the combination only arise through the selection of used climbing holds interesting climbing routes on the wall. In the selection of climbing holds that you should abide by these long-lasting grip and, above all. This depends on the processing of the surface of the climbing grip. This should be of its material, selected so that they do not all wear out too quickly, yet soft enough to ensure a good grip on. For the young climber, there are special children’s climbing holds. The kids climbing holds its shape that are designed for the smaller hands of children. Climbing holds for children there are, in addition to child-size, even in fun shapes. Thus, for climbing holds in animal form. This gives the young climbers additional fun of it. For the large climbing holds, there are different versions, depending on the desired degree of difficulty of the route. There are climbing holds that you can grasp only with difficulty and littlewill stop, as well as very large handles that you can tackle easily or can be used as a kick. The choice depends on your success. When planning a climbing wall, you should remember for whom this wall should be suitable. By the skillful placing of climbing holds can also routes into various grades achieved in a single wall. The climber can then decide which route suits his skills. Installation of the climbing holds via bolts and nuts. Here one should the fact that climbing holds eight fixed actually sit in the wall and have no game. The climbing holds, and their proper installation, are an essential part of the safety of a climbing plant. You should seek advice here in any case of specialists in climbing holds.


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