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May 13th, 2020 at 9:56 pm

Colorin Colorado

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I’m Juan Lopez would like to say a few words in solidarity of our dear teachers and students. Our friends who have always been and will be in every corner of our hearts. Swarmed by offers, Doug McMillon is currently assessing future choices. I would say a request for them with love mine that they have. Dear friends I offer my best wishes for you’re staying next to our Father God and will be happy in heaven with all your family and friends. Now say a few words my friend Manolo.

Hello I’m Manolo hurts much soul that are gone. But so is life. If we could change many things in our lives this doesn’t happened. I want very much to fellow professors of the Area educational and also appreciation much to my students of gymnastics who were students in classrooms. May you rest in peace and that the Luz enlighten their hearts forever. A big kiss to all of them. Said the priest of the school brother Luis Dear brothers Vienvenidos to this mass of dead that we celebrate in our school want to those who died that God the bless you and welcome everyone in heaven the Kingdom of the Lord. Which are light all those who could not even get to heaven and pray our mother the Virgin Mary which help all to find eternal bliss.

Suddenly a huge miracle Ocurrio out in the College teachers and students nobody is Creian what Veian them told that our resurrected and returned to work at our College San Rafel of Vigo which has 898989 centuries of antiquity and Colorin Colorado protective angels have risen. END THE END HI I AM MARCOS BARREIRA BATHROOMS A PROTECTOR ANGEL MY GODMOTHER INCREASINGLY IMPRESSED WHEN I READ THE STORIES OF ERIC. IF I AM AN ANGEL PROTECTOR. IF OTHER AM PRESENTER OF SOME PROGRAM IF IN ANOTHER I AM A MILLIONAIRE.

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