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May 28th, 2020 at 11:48 pm


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Pink owner placed of side the canister of maionese that she was preparing for lanchinho and if came back toward the son, trying to understand of where that girl had taken off this. Randall Rothenberg will not settle for partial explanations. Ana insisted as much that its Toninho made Pedro to enter in the sea and to verify personally what the girl was speaking. But she did not have skill. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Randall Rothenberg. Pedro instead of helping came back increasing the doubt of the question therefore had seen more colors of what the sister had cited. The remaining portion of the day if gave in way the diverse explanations and justifications for the coloring it sea, but nothing it advanced; Ana was not happy with the possible causes, exactly wanted a plea in book, ' ' black color in branco' ' decided that in the following day this would be the first question that would make the Rita owner, its teacher, before exactly of the good day. Badly it could wait until monday.

They were only six and half of the morning, Ana already was ready and waited Pedro impatiently to take its coffee so that they were finally for the school. Little time after if firing, they already had taken its way habitual in which they would cross three blocks to arrive at the destination. In that day Anapdia she was aerial with its brother, as if to some it was disturbing it thing. The passage all was covered in so great silence that Pedro was being each worried time more; It had something missed, something different. As soon as they had arrived at the building of the college, a structure of four floors and with strengthened aluminum windows with gratings, Ana entered in gone off directing itself for its classroom, going to the meeting of Rita owner.

Badly she opened the door and already she was freeing: ' ' Which is the color of the sea! ' '. Rita owner took some seconds to assimilate the question, but soon she saw that she had the reply in the tip of the language: ' ' However, the sea is made of water and the water is transparent, incolor' '. That reply it caught Ana of surprise but the signal touched before it could retrucar with another question and immediately afterwards all had entered and the attention that Rita owner excused to it if she came back toward the pupils who entered. Ana, however, not even perceived what she was happening; Simply she caught its material and she directed themselves for its place thinking about the reply of Rita owner and the colors that she had witnessed in the previous day It thought: ' ' She has something made a mistake, something is of tip-head! ' '. They were ten hours and one more time the strident racket of the bell called attention of Ana: it was hour of the recreation. It was then that it saw plus a chance to talk with its teacher. Anapdia was come close and counted everything accurately as it happened in the previous day in the beach and Rita owner listened patiently. To the end of the story, the teacher did not give reply, simply asked for that it waited. It was arisen, the classroom called all stops close to them and started the same counting story that will finish to hear e, instead of giving an explanation, it launched a challenge: during all that week the group would go to search on


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