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May 13th, 2016 at 5:27 am

Conquer Sparrow Hills

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The first chapters were quite easy to understand for 10-graders, and 9-graders. It is possible that some 8-graders, too, can learn them, but the 7-graders experience some difficulties. Thus, the term required to master the material presented on the plan, approximately one calendar year. It may be that the student (junior) is difficult to perceive the material – then it must be pre- preparation, including, apparently: the solution of logical problems in obschebytovye topics, including puzzles (to learn the method of searching), word problems in preparation of (learn to make mathematical models phenomena), exercises to carry out calculations with numerical and verbal expressions, visual problems of geometry. The critical period of early life may vary depending on the method proceeds to msu. Enroll in msu directly through the summer exams risky, so look at other ways. For admission through the Olympics ‘Lomonosov’, which takes place in May, it is necessary to complete a strategic training at least to February-March – should begin in the winter (in extreme case in the spring) 10 th grade. For admission through the All-Russian Olympiad (and now it all will begin with a school tour in September-October) or through the Olympics ‘Conquer Sparrow Hills’ desirable to complete preparation for the beginning of the 11 th grade – must start at the beginning of 10 th grade.

We can therefore make the following forecast for admission, depending on the start of abituienta (assuming that he is able to perceive the material): 11 th Class – admission to msu will not be easy, mid 10 th grade – you can count on admission through the Olympics ‘Lomonosov’, middle or end of the 9 th grade – you can count on a sure flow through the All-Russian Olympics or ‘Conquer Sparrow Hills’; the middle or end of 8 th grade – you can work out whether that 10-11 th grades to go to school for a year externally, since such a pupil in school an extra year to do nothing to clear, 7 – first class – you can The question on how to run an external student for a year as an 8-9-th and the 10-11 th grades. I would like to dwell on the situation of lack of time. The key point in the preparation of entrants in this case – the use of summer holidays between 10 th and 11 th classes. Will these work out how to vacation – you can count on admission through the ‘Lomonosov’. But if this opportunity is lost – you can concentrate on preparing for the Olympics ‘Lomonosov’ only in mathematics, do not disperse to other unpromising Olympiad events. Still, the theoretical material in mathematics is certainly less than in physics (to understand the physics maths should I know more volume than to pass the math exam!), to the same mathematical background on the presented plan ends on chapter 18, not 30. If we manage to win at least a mathematical ‘Lomonosov’ – remains one of physics that You can dosdat the summer opening.


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