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May 29th, 2020 at 5:18 am

Corresponding Change

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After to make the previous list, packing the delicate objects such as porcelains and glasswork in small boxes, great boxes medians for electric home appliances and books, and houses for clothes. As it is empacando, it enumerates each and every one of the boxes, of this form will have a better control on his properties in change. It reviews one to one all the boxes before to use them, in order that these are sufficiently resistant, and otherwise refurcelas assuring to them with industrial tape. The delicate objects like glass, porcelains and electric home appliances, protjalos with polythene of bubbles and paper cross. If you are a single person, is advisable to contract a company that specializes in changes, since these companies are prepared as far as logistic and experience for this work. Within the service that renders count on a vehicle equipped with all the protection of the case to assure their objects, in addition, it is generally an equipment conformed by a conductor and two or three aids. Those companies are made people in charge in case some of its properties suffers some damage during the change, generally, the company transports is responsible for the expenses of repair. The transport of the change has an approximated value, between $150.000 and $350.000, to this value him the corresponding thing to assistants is due to include and to the empacado service of (if it wishes to contract it). We recommended to him again, that if the change is to a closed set, is necessary to know the internal procedures the same and in addition to decide the arrival its change with the administration to the complex, to avoid disadvantages.


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