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Current WM Exchange

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For example, if someone in a hurry to commit exchange, it puts the rate higher, that is better for you. If he had nowhere to hurry, he will deliver lower rate and will wait until someone bite. Your right – to choose the exchange rate and with what party you want to make the exchange. I hasten to dispel your fears about the fraud on that exchange. For example, you will transfer money to party exchange, but he will not. You declare with all responsibility: this is impossible! When the user leaves the application for exchange, it immediately sends designated funds to special accounts of administration of the exchange. Please visit Marc Lore if you seek more information. By itself, the exchange is fully automated. And, when you choose to party exchange and transfer the money instantly receive an Purse amount of exchange is requested.

Okay, enough preliminaries, let us proceed directly to the exchange: 1) Go to the page exchanges, where the change Webmoney all stripes: 2) Select the top menu to work in the ‘select’ Current WM-WM ‘- transported to the stock exchange and see the scattered application for an exchange. 3) In the top drop-down menu choose the direction of the exchange WMR-WMZ – this is exactly what we need. You will see the application exchange WMR to WMZ. That is, you are offered a number of WMR WMZ exchange your at the rate of that set each participant. Applications are sorted by favorable exchange rate.

The higher the application – so it is more profitable for you. If the column ‘Straight course’ after a desired exchange rate in brackets is the plus percentage, then you are invited to share at a rate even exceeding the rate of interest on the securities listed in parentheses. That is, in exchange you’ll get even more than if you just exchange money at the Central Bank of Russia. That is, small, but a nice income in exchange for money. At this point your Web Money Keeper must be running and connected to the server. After selecting, press a line on the application button mouse. Next comes the authorization of the VM-keeper and a known scenario. If you committed at least one purchase in e-commerce site and authorized its keeper, then further action will not cause problems, especially since everything is intuitive and is explained by the system. Another important point. If the application for exchange indicates that the user wants to exchange, for example, 50 thousand WMR, this does not mean that you should have this amount of money in dollars. You can meet this request in part, that is, nip off a small piece of the pie, be what you need. Once your money will go to the special administration purses Exchange, then at the same time “zvyaknet” your WM-keeper and the ruble purse you’ll see that the amount ordered. The exchange is completed, it is time materialize your money in the manner described above. You can take advantage of the java-applet for mobile phones. In this case the payment can take place anywhere and at anytime! Thus, at least, that you need for cashing – a friends-friends who themselves are clients of your item to replenish the balance, or will supply customers. You will also need a mobile phone that supports java.


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