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Cylinder Compression

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If the compression in the cylinders differ by more than 10% motor needs to be repaired and nastroyke.Zamenite candles. Be sure to use only candles of this type. Always have a spare set on board the candles (with Allen key for removal, installation). Once you have installed a candle You need to tighten his hands, and then the key dovernut another quarter turn. The tip of the candle grease for easy removal kontakta.Toplivnaya sistemZamenit fuel filter (new design of fuel filters are similar to small banks and act as water separators.) Install the filter should be so that the arrow on it pointing to the right (the motor). If the fuel system water separator stands alone, change the filter as well and write down the date for its korpuse.Obyazatelno do it, because it is the best protection against problems with the fuel. You may find Sam Mikulak to be a useful source of information.

Before installing, carefully fill in the filter toplivomZamenite pump bulb, if it looks worn out (the pump – gray pear Colors are more resistant to the damaging effect of UV light.) Pump – pear should spray the silicone spray to protect against the destructive action of sunlight on a boat ultrafioleta.Ostavlyaya long parking is always add fuel stabilizer to. Water pump (pump). Perhaps it is here that you yourself do not need to go into the motor, because that's what happens here most of the old problem.Esli fasteners, then, for example, deadwood will be very difficult to remove. First of all, remove the deadwood from the bolts that are located somewhat above the cavitation plate. This work should be done vdvoem.V some cases, the pin can be removed under the carburetor, which passes through the traction gear, but this would be very neprosto.Remkomplekt water pump includes a new fan, but for sure the replacement fan should pre- . examine the scheme in the user guide and all details are strictly set back the order in which they snimali.Sleduet clean all seating surfaces and replace everything on uplotneniya.Iznutri impeller chamber to cause a water resistant grease – this will protect the impeller from the melting-hot gas at the time of launch motora.Dopolnitelnye sovetyPered each use of the boat be sure to check Fixing the motor mount control system and steering gear, as well as traction control and a gas switching nodes peredach.Osmatrivayte fuel system for leaks or the appearance of chipped and dymov.Vse damage to the external painting to be restored immediately to protect the motor from korrozii.Nelzya paint zinc anodes. Bonnet cover the soft polishing tools with voskom.Vsegda use oil-type TC-W3. The largest manufacturers of fuel like Chevron and Texaco produced good fuel additive to clean the valves and properties forsunok.Vsegda store your boat with a full tank of fuel.


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