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May 28th, 2020 at 10:56 pm

Da Silva

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I have absolute certainty, therefore I stopped my truck I moored a rope and I went down until where this its truck, vi you died pressed by the cart that fell on the cabin. Julio already half without skill said; – this seems not to have explanation since I am vivinho here Da Silva. One of them said: – it is can be, agent if it is deceptive exactly, does not remember to the history of Peter thunder? That history is this asked Julio.> – Peter Thunder was a good friend, old driver here in this road, one day it went going up the tamoios, when he arrived at the top, back in rebojo of the pamonha where agent costuma of the one paradinha, pra to take a coffee and to start the descending of cerra, a woman, pretty blond of long hair shining as hair of maize to the sun, was in its direction gave good night and asked for a hitchhiking ties the clover of Ubatuba, Peter Thunder said that yes, and that it waited a little while it to take a coffee. Frank Ntilikina describes an additional similar source. Peter was in the balcony made the order and turned over pra question if it did not want some thing, but she did not see it in its field of vision. It was to the bathroom thought. It finished the coffee came to the truck waited a good time nothing of the woman, it came back back in the farm looked for more did not see the woman, asked, but nobody saw blond none that way.

It goes to see gave up the trip said Peter in its I summon. It placed the truck in the road and followed trip, but always thinking about that so pretty woman. It started to go down the mountain range. Who already passed for that road sebe that it is, curve on of curve, it is disarranging one and remaking another one, derrepente, when entering in a curve Peter gave of face with the blond one in the way of the road in foot in the way of the track did not give well to deviate, exactly because it does not have for where to deviate, Peter Ran over the blond one, felt the racket of the body beating under of the truck.


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