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June 5th, 2020 at 3:28 pm

Dealing With Hemmerroides

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The people when they have a disease, try of everything to look for the best possible solution, but often we are bad advisees; first we must realise a meticulous study to know with much certainty and security the complicated thing of the subject. When we talked about of the hemorroides is always a recommended treatment more than other to eliminate certain kind of problem: The best medicine hemorroides them to calm the pain is paracetamol, this drug inhibits the production of prostaglandins, in addition it has effect antipyretic; because the other drugs with analgesic effect as the opiate ones induce to the constipation, and aines increase the hemorrhages rectal when its use is in excess. Hear from experts in the field like Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for a more varied view. The best remedy for the hemorroides that the nature can offer us is the aloe side, its application of direct form, as much the juice as the gel of this product has a vasodilator and analgesic effect. Other effective super remedies are the application of honey, tea, for being excellent antiinflammatories, at the same time as they realise a good passage in the veins, and in case of bleeding hemorroides, the alfalfa never must lack in its remedies to help in a fast coagulation giving a stop to bleeding. The best more important fruit for the hemorroides is the plum, is a miraculous food to prevent the constipation for being considered a smooth laxative and with fast effect. Some say that the best remedy for the hemorroides is the surgery, with extirpation of the expanded veins, this serious one in the case of the external hemorroides; because in the hemorroides interns while we pruned to conserve the weave of the mucosa is better, for that reason the best treatment is the use of ties with hemorrhoidal bands, that consists of placing a rubber tape around the hemorroides with the purpose of to cut the circulation to him and necrosis takes place, this is only superficial and it is even sufficient weave for a fast recovery..


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