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Depression And Treatment

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When one is the depression, the natural treatments do not replace attention complement the medical it, favoring their improvement and possibly they cause that his doctor falls dose of medecines that you were requiring. Diminishing therefore the possibility of developing to the effects collaterals of the treatments of the traditional medicine. Natural products more used in the depression: 1-Grass San of Juan is a treatment for the popular depression in Europe. He can be useful if you have slight or moderate depression. 2 – SAMe is used in Europe like a medicine to treat the depression. 3 – Omega a rich fatty acid diet Omega-3 or to take supplements from Omega-3 can help to alleviate the depression. These healthful fats are in cold water fish, the linen linseed, oil, the nuts and other foods. 4-Dr.

Relax-Prono to sleep well is an aggravating one of the depression reason why he is recommendable to fight this problem, Dr. Relax-Pro contains concentrations adapted of (Pasiflora, Valeriana and Inositol) that acts concerning the central nervous system through system GABA and the Inositol it belongs to the group of certain vitamin B and especially implies benefit in our organism – in certain hepatic disorders, depression and diabetes. The bad feeding also can be a consequence of the depression. The people who are depressed can lose interest in eating what can take to the B12 vitamin. What depression exacerbates.

The B-12 vitamin is abundant in origin products animal like fish, meat, birds, eggs and milk and cereals. These products have a sedative effect reason why precaution is due to have when being used with benzodiacepinas. And they do not have to be used with the alcohol. Techniques of relaxation mind-body (yoga, the meditation and the therapy of the massage), they would improve the symptoms of the depression. Original author and source of the article.


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