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November 21st, 2016 at 11:11 am

Determination And Resistance

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To conquer something requires determination. The more determined you will be, more spectacular you will be its conquests. Still thus, we need to be careful not to confuse determination with stubbornness. To feed the objectives allows with that our life always does not arrive at a stagnation state, giving to it a new dynamics and perspective. It is important to always have in mind also that each day is a chance to become our life in what we want that it is. Everything is possible when we work for this, every day. But never we must jump no day, because it can be that in this day it has a chance and when jumping it, we will also be jumping something that could happening in them and changing all the trajectory of our life. Basic also it is to know that to try to make everything at the same time it finishes for causing imperfections.

As it says old dictated a popular one: ' ' We must kill a lion for dia.' ' To try to decide many things, will be as to be attacked by some lions at the same time. The death is certain. In this in case that, the imperfection also. To have determination it is above all to have resistance to face obstacles and to transpose barriers. we must have conscience of that the more to find oppositions to our objectives, more we will be being trained to reach it. Let us take with example a race with obstacles.

At the beginning the athlete falls in many of them and to the few she goes obtaining to surpass each one, until certain day obtains to compete the entire race without if leaving to knock down for none of the obstacles that had been ranks in the competition. The life is thus. As we go living, we also go being trained to get the success. the success always comes to who keeps the determination and the resistance.


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