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Domestic Activities

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Communications, health, banks, etc.’ ‘. As this structure is configured well ample, dual project considered by Milton is appealed to it Saints (1979) that it recognizes the existence of circuits of the urban economy. The circuit synthecizes the internal flow of the economic activities of a city being that, the set of these activities all forms one or system that, in turn, is formed by two subsystems, the superior circuit and the inferior circuit. ‘ ‘ It can be presented the superior circuit as constituted of the banks, commerce and industry of exportation, modern urban industry, modern, wholesale and transporting services. The inferior circuit is constituted essentially by manufacture forms not? intensive capital? , for the services supplied not-modern the retail and for the small commerce not-modern and of dimenso’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1979, P. 31). 4.1 The context of the informality in the tertiary sector To apprehend the meaning of inferior circuit means to recognize that this recovers a much more extensive reality of what the express in tertiary sector.

It still means, to say that in this sector activities exist that exceed the limit of the formality, ‘ ‘ the inferior circuit is resulted of a dynamic situation and engloba activities of services as the domestic and the transports, as well as the activities of transformation as artesanato and daily pay-modern forms of fabricao’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1979. p.158). The amplitude of activities that makes it difficult definition delimitation of what he is tertiary, also is responsible for the appearance in this sector of a high degree of informality. The hipertrofia generated for the disordered growth of the commerce is observed mainly in the countries developed as resulted of the swell of the urban centers that exert fort attraction on the peripheral population and they do not obtain to absorb the workmanship hand that they attract.


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