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November 8th, 2018 at 5:41 am

Effective Confrontation Strategies

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I have no doubt that today has too many problems to face. And that’s why so many distressed people are. But if we start to see, the man of the past had to face more serious problems. They were hunger, permanent wars, disease and injustice. With good reason someone can replicate that the world has not changed absolutely nothing. Still the same problems and have appeared at the same time new ones. However, it is also true that today are more people that enjoy more favourable circumstances than at that time.

The reader in any way is very probably one of the privileged people who don’t live those calamities. Similarly millions today enjoy very generous conditions of existence. That, if we compare them with the past. But notwithstanding this, the vast majority can not say that it is happy. Although they do not appear in your life serious problems, they don’t know how to deal with the few who have. This reveals an unquestionable reality. Not only problems are that unhappy people make.

On many occasions they are not nor not even the most important. Almost always mode in which people confronted their concerns plays an inevitable role. It follows that many inhabitants of the Earth to live in misery. And that, despite enjoying many privileges. But they need to learn to use what they have. They need to learn some rules of effective engagement. The first thing is to have the willingness to confront problems. Do not walk with excuses and delays. Not find pure distractions and hesitation while obstacles remain in the middle of the road. Take a sheet of paper and something to write. Leaves your mind free and get to thinking about all the things that cause you any discomfort. Write them on paper as you come to mind. Put them all, from the smallest to the most problematic.

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