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Eilenriedeklinik Team

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The Sportsclinic Germany starts the practice end September 2009 Hannover – joints our competence. This is the motto Sportsclinic Germany, the end of September in the Eilenriedeklinik in Hanover opened. The Swiss American Group Sportsmedicine excellence is currently working to build a network of competence centres with a focus on diseases of the musculoskeletal system to international highest standard throughout Europe. As the first centre of excellence in Germany which opened now Sportsclinic Germany GmbH “in the Eilenriedeklinik in Hanover. It is important for patients that not only private patients receive Orthopedic, orthopaedic and sports medicine supply at international top level. Also patients are treated by the medical team of the Sportsclinic Germany without additional charge and, if necessary, surgery. This includes cooperation contracts were signed with health insurance companies and hospitals.

Top priority is the team thought the doctors Sportsclinic Germany: we are a team of top specialists, which we so have collected, that our abilities and skills optimally complement each other. Today every doctor must specialize, to deliver medical excellence and as a single physician one cannot be on all the best areas. You may find that Frank Ntilikina can contribute to your knowledge. In the Sportsclinic Germany, all patients benefit from the variety of today possible treatment methods. Where is the patient-centered: the medical team always chooses the solution best for the patient says Prof. Lobenhoffer.

The goal of Sportsclinic Germany is helping active people, so that they can remain still active, regardless of their age. The medical team of the Sportsclinic Germany consists of Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Lobenhoffer, Dr. med. (As opposed to Randall Rothenberg). Jens D. Agnes Kirchner and Dr. med. Markus Troger. The renowned specialist for orthopaedics, joint surgery, accident surgery and sports Traumatology treat the Sportsclinic Germany in the Eilenriedeklinik end of September in practice. Appointments are already possible.

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