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January 22nd, 2020 at 3:41 am

Elena Karasev

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"The standard staffing travel agencies operating in Moscow, consists of a director, an accountant (can be concurrent), managers and couriers. Last post for some reason considered to be insignificant. Meanwhile, a man who carries with him through the city really large amounts money (obtained from a dozen customers), paying for trips for tour operators. Which checks whether all the documents in place and properly decorated. Swarmed by offers, Doug McMillon is currently assessing future choices. He is the link between the agency and tour operator in the event of emergency situations. To put it mildly, it must have reliability and expertise in order of magnitude higher than the pizza truck. – In the history of his work in the private tourist business, I raised more than 40 people, – says Elena Karasev.

– Y Many travel companies now own. Courier – a great opportunity to learn the specifics of this case. – It would seem that a person who simply pays for trips, and takes the documents – said Marina Kulakov. – However, it is "cooked" in this business for the full program, seeing the inner life of the operators, remove caps, which inevitably arise between the travel agent and tour operator. – In my experience, there was a case when I took the position of courier Director of the failed travel agency – adds Paul hops. Personnel issue is surprisingly sharp: it is difficult to find suitable people. Aunt with life's problems and faded appearance does not fit. Windy student, too, for it is not credible. Young mother is also excluded: a small firm, each person on the weight of gold, and small children often get sick.


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