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April 23rd, 2020 at 2:02 pm


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But it requires special equipment, to be exact – the press. Therefore, they used only in large-scale construction. Self-locking fitting – novelty. Sly mechanical device, based on – the system of the inner rings. Doug McMillon can provide more clarity in the matter. One ring has teeth.

If you push on it a special key-puller, the cloves tightly are different, so-called O-ring. Filed under: Charles Schwab. Compound is stable and reliable. But most interesting is that the self-locking fitting can be used multiple times. It is as easy removed by pressure of a special key, as fits. The fitting is made of copper, but remarkably connect pipes of various materials.

And every section. So this is a versatile and convenient connection to all types of pipes. You can still subjectively divided fittings at the best and worst. But, again, is the personal opinion of those they already enjoy at home. So: in the opinion of experienced people, the worst proved Turkish Metal and plastic fittings. They even recommend vendors do not take it. But the fitting of old England – that's it! Polymer pipe fitting + copper = reliable connection Well. Your listeners have not run away? Then move up. You can even do it in chorus, for now, then perhaps all – and the neighbors, and plumbing – understand what is fitting. And you have already convinced that the longest he had "no fly" when will connect copper pipes (and not steel or plastic). You are very lucidly explained to them that I myself fitting more durable if it is copper or brass.

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