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May 31st, 2021 at 5:18 am

European Cup

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For example, forward – sideways, forward – to the left. And even when a Taekwon-Do are taught to fight in competitions – the meaning is not to knock the opponent, and beat him. As in boxing, the fighters hit hard and tough, but try to beat the opponent, rather than "Cut". Actually, in my view, the battle won, which has not been started. As is the good war that never took place. – Taekwon-do require special physical preparation? – Sure, but a gradual process. Taekwon-do is not the kind of sport where highest achievement – to take the prize, set up a record. This is a sport of self-development, self-improvement.

Taekwon-do can do everything, in spite of the physical data. Without hesitation Miami Dolphins explained all about the problem. My coach, when he began to do in 15 years, was the smallest and feeble in the group. He has nothing, but his hard work resulted in a world title. And at first he did not stand out either by force or agility, weighed only 55 kilograms. – Tell me about the World Cup. – What can I say, tricked into Finals me Irish.

I'm up to this fight with him, won his two fights in the European Cup. After the final talk to him. I was a tactic to go ahead, before I won four fights in a row, the first two by knockout. Knew he would do Irishman, but he completely changed his tactics and made only one hit, which brought him victory. As it was: he hit – he will flee, almost all the blows fell into the block, but hit a couple of times with his foot.


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