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July 11th, 2020 at 7:48 am

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There are however well known coaches who represent, if not in its entirety, if in a high component of affinity to each of the 3 styles and all triumphed being faithful to his style. They won leagues, cups, European cups and everything which put them ahead. How to say then that his style was not right? In professional football is only worth winning and that’s what counts at the end, another thing is to level human has its discrepancies that the footballer before athlete is a person and hence should always start. This is different when working in football in base, hence sincerely think that the type of coach that fits perfectly is the cooperator or democratic but always with enough personality to lead a group. In short, ideally a coach that would bring together the positive qualities of each style, for example:-the Discipline and order of the 1 – the dialog and the communication capacity of 2 – the experience and seniority of the 3 at the end which cake more goodies one and another typology would be the coach that we could consider more complete a priori, though that is a function of aspects that are intimately related to the individual and their own personality and character and this has or does not have by that is born with this, although everything is capable of learning and improvement. Olympics is open to suggestions. If they ask me which is the best type of coach for me would answer the following: the best coach is one to which always him renew his contract for the next season.

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