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May 18th, 2020 at 3:50 pm


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Our beliefs, are the basic part of our life. What we believe, if manifest; our thoughts are orders that will be obeyed and will see reflected in our life as experiences. Sigmund Frend had reason: ' ' It has words that thoughts cure and that matam.' ' If we think about fear, lack, lovelessness and failure, will attract in natural way, as a magnet, in our immediate reality. The thoughts of the gift, create our future. It imagines then when somebody has a daily thought: ' ' Nobody me quer' ' , ' ' Everybody makes me mal' ' ; ' ' I never have dinheiro' ' ; ' ' I do not have capacity pra this ' ' ; ' ' I am ugly () ' ' etc. Doubtlessly, we human beings, need to believe to survive. All we believe in something, all we have firm certainties on we ourselves, the people who in them encircle etc.

Need this stop supporting in them, to be coherent and to inside find a balance of the complexity of the world. But, beliefs exist on we ourselves and ours redor, that limits in them, limits our life and our relations and do not allow in them to learn to surpass this limitation, in such way that we do not potencializamos our capacities to grow as people, producing in us one badly to be emotional. To detect which they are our negative beliefs is of great importance in our current context. To perceive where we are paralyzed, without movement and which experiences if they repeat and they repeat, coming back always the same the standard. To identify which they are the evil to be emotional that they follow in our life of form repeated in determined situations. The negative emotions produce somatizaes. (to reveal in the body, the form of an illness or a symptom, some internal conflict.


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