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July 10th, 2020 at 6:02 am

Exam Stresses

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But my classmate Vova Kochenkov almost fall asleep on the re-examination when he has got a very "tricky" question. Just do not question, and question for quite childish, but Vova still had pretty sweat. It was like this. Lettings Vova exam in physics, writes a response to a further question – in the crib quietly peeps classmate that sits in front of him sending the note – but to no avail. In the cribs answers only to the examination tickets, and it is not at all; classmate level of knowledge of the laws of the universe does not exceed Vova. And then the examiner, assistant professor Ryazanov, Vova asks, if the answer is ready. – No – honestly answers Vova. Sports apparel is full of insight into the issues.

– Come on, let me see, – said Ryazanov and takes a piece of paper Vovinam table, where he led a very suspicious of the formula. – What is it? – He asks menacingly. – I have not remembered everything – revolves Vova and tries to grab a piece of paper. – What kind of nonsense you're here nakalyakal? – Ryazanov paper raised higher. – Go home. Do not know anything! – I know! – Vova said confidently. – Only here a little forgotten.

But I know! Associate professor took a few steps, looked at his watch. – All you know? – Almost – less confident tone replied Vova. – Do you know how to call the dog in "Good night, kids"? – No one present here the students who had heard about the whims of senior lecturer, was not surprised at this sudden change of subject. Vova same oshalev of simplicity given issue, and barely holding back a smile confidently began: – The dog from the TV program "Good night, kids' name is … – he suddenly felt his legs give way from him – Vova knew that he had completely slipped from my mind, what nickname is above the animal.

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