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April 17th, 2014 at 7:11 am

Fernandes Joo

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Joo and its mother had started to see a light in the end of the tunnel. The baby had a meteoric appearance in scene, the actress crossed a corridor with the baby in the arms route the UTI of an infantile hospital and after this more nothing did not happen. The star erased. Years later the star, already young woman, inherited the temperament of its father and its grandmother, renegava its origins. As it was good in sports, in the college if she detached in olmpica gymnastics. To the twenty years, way late, gained a competition municipal and one more time the dreams of its father and its grandmother had not been become fullfilled. To the twenty years he was late, however Fernandes Joo swore that son would be its accomplishment, its crutch in the life, found that he would have to explore that potential of beauty.

The external beauty of its son would be the salvation of its farming and to the few it was if worrying about burnishing of the son. It arrived to use the collective transport for its son not to use the soles of the shoe. Its son learned the tricks of its grandmother and she never received friends in house, by the way did not have friends of its level. The girl did not study, however she worked in fine store and jewelry shop of shopping. He could be a springboard to reach its social objectives, chance to lasso endinheirado. According to its grandmother and its father, he was where it would go to learn as if to dress and to automaquilar.

Until certain day its father had a shining idea. The multimillionaire owner of the company where it worked offered, at the end of the year, a party stops confraternizao of all the employees and all the direction made presence. Fernandes Joo saw that the hour was that one; she produced its mother and its super woman and produced its son who appeared flaring.


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