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June 20th, 2019 at 6:02 pm

Fernando Jimenez

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Alexis Fernando Jimenez’s forehead was dripping with sweat. The heat was unbearable. The athletics track, longer than usual, or so it seemed. He was very agitated and at times thought I would not make it.

In the stands, people were screaming. Nearby, other competitors. I can not give in thought to make a last effort to cover the distance that separated him from the ultimate goal. a Minutes later I was on the podium. Ranked first. He smiled.

Completed and five medals. A twenty-five years could qualify a winner. Reaching that stage had not been easy. Had its cost. Forced him to work hard. There were countless days training very early, when the sun was not yet awakened in the skyline. Like countless sunsets, which lasted until the shadows of the night covered the city. It was worth, she thought, grateful to host the distinction imposed. The north Americana, Marion Jones, 25, became champion of the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He achieved this goal: to defeat the powers of one hundred and two hundred meters and in the wagons with slugs. Very young, he became an example for their generation. He attributed his success to God and trust he had in his abilities a The secret of the victors a How the winners are forged? a At winners will identify at least four characteristics. The first, set a goal, the second dump their efforts to conquer this goal, the third, an iron discipline that allows them to strengthen weak areas and reinforce the strengths and fourth, to move forward without paying attention to the virtual failure. Read more here: Knicks.


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