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Immediately in the eye takes in, how cleaned up the luggage compartment is. The load is easily stowed without corners, edges and angles around simple. A good old friend is back: Opel Astra station wagon. However occurs He is now under a new name on. Instead of caravan, Opel now calls its compact loader sports tourer. Caption: Athlete gripping to. Much more, as the dynamic properties of the comfort and the practical virtues weighs combination but in the new Astra. Thought of everything a positively tactile experience is the activity of the trunk from operated switch for flipping the rear seatback.

This so-called FlexFold system works electrically and not higher as himself in many suits classes, via primitive rope. Once easily because the counters pulled, and the boot volume extended to brettlebene 1550 litres without annoying fumbling on the headrests. Also the cargo cover that by slightly moving upward moves, or completely removed with a simple handle conveniently tucked under the cargo floor can be and is completely unfummelig. As the 110 euro supplement value, prove to be also the Rails on the sides of the cargo area, eyelets, nets, bags, hooks and other, facilitating transport everyday things are attached to which can. Who like kowtowing upwards and downwards occurs comes next year with a new version of the integrated bicycle rack on his own expense. And there is a fold-out carpet, which protects the painted bumper from scratches if the four-legged friend in the trunk POPs for the Cynologists among us. Anyone else, who sees here does not take into account its specific needs? Excellent seats and what about humanoid passengers? Great attention is given admitted this. As a great success have themselves on the first kilometres of testing on the say, not very neat streets around to the 14-million megacity Istanbul the new Premiumsitze (extra charge 386 euro) turned out.

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