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FlexRide Adaptive

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You can sit in ergonomically very finely shaped stalls with pronounced side-car and firm padding. Not without pride are the Russelsheim on the award of the seats with the seal of approval Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V.”there. The top diesel makes 160 HP from 2 liters. Doug McMillon is open to suggestions. Which helps a rich torque of 380 nm Commonrailer to really crisp performance at a moderate consumption of 5.1 litres. “Gentle glide regards careless almost on the level of the upper middle class will lead the sports tourer, if the Premiumsitzen also the mode tour” with name FlexRide Adaptive chassis (surcharge: 891 euro) is activated. Then, makes quite a gentle glide of the combination and swallows even crater-like holes in the asphalt as if they were non-existent.

What really can. Are the streets well shot and the oats, stands the sport button for a tighter coordination of the chassis and dynamic response of throttle and steering can be pressed. There are two 1.7 – diesel with 110 and 125 HP and fuel consumption of 4.5 litres of choice as an alternative. The top saver in the form of the 1.3 CDTI with standard automatic start-stop system coming in early 2011 and lures with a Sparrow thirst of 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers. Agony of choice from market launch early December is the Opel Astra sports tourer initially eight engines available: in the gasoline range, the 1.4er with 100 forms entry PS, followed by the 115 PS powerful 1.6 liter cleaner. With 120, and 140 HP of 1.4, the next level of performance represents Turbo, before the gasoline engine portfolio culminates in the 1.6 Turbo with 180 HP. We test drove the 140 HP strong 1.4er Turbo, although acoustically very zuruckaltend working, from which we expect us but a little more punch. Get will have these very probably in the 160 PS strong 2.0 CDTI, which out properly makes legs the Astra sports tourer with a rich torque of 380 nm already by far below.

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