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June 7th, 2020 at 3:48 am

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I never thought that at 36 years would fit the possibility of being a retiree.Of course, without the ailments that a loss of profit begins to experience due to their hectic and extensive work throughout his life. And without that justified pension around here usually receive as compensation.Maybe find some timid cane to review me hair or a pronounced wrinkle that makes my expression, more serious but he definitely entered that stage that is left to be considered for many things. I still yet curiously ceding the seat or I should say the post. Reviewing all these job portals that flood internet, note every day that every time the age for getting a job becomes more narrow. Among offers varied and lean the requirement of aged between 18 and 30 years leaves me out of all competition.

Sometimes you can have the aid lifeline that lengthen the number up to 35 and others touch me fortune that completely exclude that requirement as involuntary oblivion. Either way, in my resume sent by email, the data of the age You can hardly forget and surely will be decisive when it comes to my nomination. In other circumstances in which the amount of my years should be a supportive element for me as a symbol of maturity and experience, it becomes rather my demerit, my low point, the condition of being an applicant ignored or not taken into account. It seems to me that the years worked in my full faculties and my walk for life have given me an important experience to handle different situations, as well as understand the meaning of things a little more. Not in vain are walking and learn. When real awareness of what has been lived is taken, knowledge is in making us better than yesterday, a little more prepared than in the past. However that does not seem to matter to different companies who recruit staff.

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