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January 10th, 2020 at 4:18 pm

General Provisions

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Advantages of winter construction – possible reduction in labor costs. 11. The legend of the beautiful exterior (on facades and roofs). Many architects in the design to make appearance at home more expressive use sophisticated multilevel fronts with lots of angles covered complex roofs. Yes, these homes look stylish and unusual, but that's what snip 'Building Heat Engineering "wrote on this subject: General Provisions 1.2. 'In order to reduce heat loss in winter and the proceeds of heat in the summer when designing buildings and structures should be: Yes. space-planning decisions based on ensuring the smallest area enclosing structures ;' Practice shows how many problems give rise to complex facades, and after all the problems inherent in the design, often can not be corrected in the current repairs and maintenance. 12.

Legend of the designer is a word recently came into our lexicon and brought with it a shift of the concepts – Who is the architect – the antiquated title of the same profession? No – designer, a person engaged in decoration, it can not perform the duties of an architect and how much more designer. Usual scheme of theoretical training designer – half-year courses are often computer-aided design, where paying the money, any guarantee to obtain a certificate, and if desired, and learn how to create beautiful images in advanced image editors. The architects of the old school taught in the universities came from the big contest and then selected on a course of study. Ed Bastian is full of insight into the issues. They have a solid training in all areas of construction. The difference in the preparation of a giant. Do not let the designers, even advice to invade the domain of construction design, the more so bearing.

We think it is current with our designers we owe the birth of that unforgettable 'new' style, without any regard for the taste has incorporated all the most vivid, and based on the classics. But do not break the idea of literate designer in his work, because by virtue of its specialization, it is much clearer is the end result of their work. Often it is the customer is guilty of a very strange cocktail party, which turns into the interior new home. 13. Very dangerous legend of the adviser Again and again we repeat, do not listen to idle councils, we are constantly faced with the most costly violations of building science, with a perfect feed disinterested advisers. If a person gives serious advice and is willing to bear the consequences of its use, then let him write his recommendation and will sign, otherwise it nonsense. And to solve the problems of expensive cost of failure can achieve the difference between cost and selling price unfinished (sometimes completely unfinished). Of course, it's hard to figure the snip, DBNah and literature, but problems in the advertising literature or a friendly table talk will bring you much grief later.


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