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January 10th, 2020 at 9:02 am

Google Analytics

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Day by day, millions of people around the world use the free search engine Google to make their searches and to access any Web site. And who does not know Google? The reality is that behind this great brand and this powerful free form, there is a business system that generates millions of dollars. Offering value-free. Google offers something valuable service for free as its search engine, e-mail service (Gmail), statistics for your website (Google Analytics) and many other excellent services offered for free. For more information see this site: Larry David. From there, produces other ways to sell other services and generate revenue for the company. (Eg Google Adwords).

YY what about Facebook and other similar internet big business? Is exactly the same. If you want an example closer little, think you would do if you are an author / writer and you’ve written a book and want to sell. Obviously not going to give it for free because you do not have anything to sell, but if you’re a productive author, perhaps if you can launch a free digital version of another book you have written or even the same one that you want to sell now, with the simple goal to let you know for your future publications. In fact, if this book is a novel, for example, you can create a blog or website where you offer free weekly short stories. You lose by giving your book for free? Perhaps you are thinking that if you give it free, you will lose the work of a year or grabbing But thinks for a moment what you get: you have the possibility that they may know hundreds of people in the future you have in mind when visiting the library or surf the Internet looking for something related to your work. Moreover, any sale or any business that you do will always be more welcome and accepted by people if it comes in advance with something of value that sparks your interest free for you and your proposals and thus more easily open the pocket of your customers When paying for work or service of yours. And it is exactly the same in the advertising business. If you wish to sell ad space on your site, prepare it with free valuable content to attract people to your site and from that publicity.

It does not matter what you do, if your business is large or small, if your niche is broad or very specific. On the Internet the best way to let you know is offering free value, something of value, whether content, services, manuals, guides, etc.., a the important thing is that it is free. If what you offer is value and it’s free, I can assure you that you will have many benefits in your business, and as more valuable as gifts, the better the response of people, which will follow, will recognize and appreciate your positive.


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